Hollins Digital Exhibits, a service of Hollins University's Wyndham Robertson Library, is a showcase of media-rich online exhibits of scholarship, creative works, and historical materials related to and produced by the Hollins University community. This platform serves as a tool to assist in digital teaching and learning, and provides a venue to access to the outcomes of that work.

Through Hollins Digital Exhibits, members of the Hollins University community can publish and narrate digital collections of historical, scholarly, and creative works on a freely and publicly accessible platform and extend the impact and reach of that work. Exhibits featured here are the product of collaborations between the library and faculty, staff, and students; these collaborations can take the form of image collections, oral histories, interactive maps, timelines, narratively-guided walkthroughs of digital assets, and more.

Hollins Digital Exhibits is part of the Wyndham Robertson Library's digital projects. If you are interested in collaborating on a project, contact the library.