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Proceeding: Ann Hopkins' Victorious Battle Against Workplace Discrimination

Contributors: Lori Joseph, Beth Harris, Courtney Chenette, Rebecca Halsey, Te’ya Mitchell, Sarah Snoddy, Samantha Lehman, Tayah Frye, Harika Bommana


Hollins University Special Collections and University Archives

Contributors: Kathleen Nolan
Taylor Kenkel
Jordan Shook
Shelby Barbee
Elise Schloff
Clara Souvignier
Hannah Blackburn-Jones
Rebecca Davis
Katelyn Curley
Mackenzie Roberts


Greek in the Wild: Inscriptions Explained

The Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic works of art in this collection were all displayed with an accompanying inscription in ancient Greek. The…

Contributors: Pria Jackson, Amanda McVey, Amelia Verkerk, Tina Salowey, Taylor Kenkel

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WWII Monuments in Epirus, Greece

These images and text document the many and varied World War II monuments scattered across the rugged landscape of Epirus, in northwestern Greece.…

Contributors: Christopher J. Richter, Christina Salowey, Taylor Kenkel