WWII Monuments in Epirus, Greece


WWII Monuments in Epirus, Greece




These images and text document the many and varied World War II monuments scattered across the rugged landscape of Epirus, in northwestern Greece. They also provide evidence for the strong culture of ongoing World War II commemoration in the region. What the monuments commemorate ranges from the Hellenic Army's victory over Mussolini's forces in 1940 through the role of Greek women in the war, to the victims of Nazi atrocities, and even a Communist dominated resistance organization. The collection is part of a larger project that includes scholarship on some of the memorials, and interactive mapping of all of them which will enable users to geographically locate each one, learn its historical context, and contribute to discussion about it. View the interactive map


Christopher J. Richter, Christina Salowey, Taylor Kenkel


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Epirus, Greece

Items in the WWII Monuments in Epirus, Greece Collection

Xani Kallitheas Front.jpeg

September 7, 1944 (Date of Event) ; September 9, 1985 (Date of Construction)
Zitsa ELAS Monument Plaza.JPG

D. Tzirogiannis (sculptor) ; ELAS (sponsor) unspecific (Date of Event) ; 2006 (Date of Construction)
Vigla Cemetery Entrance.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) November 14, 1940 (Date of Event) ; June 2008 (Date of Construction)
Soldier of 1940 Front.JPG

Lazaros Lamera (sculptor) ; Donations from the officers and enlisted men of the armed forces (sponsor) October 28, 1940 (Date of Event) ; September 1966 (Date of Construction)
Xani Delvinakiou  Inscription.jpeg

unknown (sculptor) ; City of Delvinakios (sponsor) May 9, 1945 (Date of Event) ; October 29, 1990 and May 9, 2005 (Date of Construction)
Ligopsa Monument LS.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) 1908-1955 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Ligiades Martyr Monument Front.JPG

Leontis Eustathios of Patras (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) October 3, 1943 (Date of Event) ; 2001 (Date of Construction)
Moni Sossinou Monument View.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; Moni Sosinou (sponsor) October 30, 1940 (Date of Event) ; unknown (date of construction)
Konitsa ELAS Monument Front.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; Konitsa branch of Π.Ε.Α.Ε.Α. (sponsor) July 7, 1943 (Date of Event); July 26, 2003 (Date of Construction)
Konitsa Pass Monument Front.JPG

Konstantinos D. Raptis architect|Dr. Konstantinos G. Stasinopoulos, distinguished member of the Lesche of L.O.K. sponsor
Konitsa Military Mausoleum Altar.JPG

unknown sculptor|Greek Army sponsor 1940-1941, 1946-1949 (Date of Event) ; unkonwn (date of construction)
Kalpaki Fritzis Front.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; The War Museum (sponsor) December 5, 1944 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Kephalovryso Monument MS.JPG

unknown sculptor|Mayor's office of Kephalovryso sponsor unknown (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Kalpaki Metaxas Papagos Georgios Papagos.JPG

Lazaros Lamera (sculptor) ; Contributions of the Army's Officers and Soldiers (sponsor) 1940 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Kalpaki Strategion Cave Sign.JPG

unknown sculptor|Greek Army sponsor 1940--1941 (Date of Event)
Ioannina Holocaust Memorial Front.JPG

Giorgos Chouliaras (sculptor) ; The city of Ioaninna (sponsor) March 25, 1944 (Date of Event) ; 1944 (Date of Construction)
Heroon 1940 Konitsa Front Gate.jpg

1940 (Date of Event); unknown (Date of Construction)
Grambala Hill front.JPG

November 1, 1940 (Date of Event); unknown (Date of Construction)
Ano Ravenia  Fallen Front.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) 1940-1949 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Eleuthero Monument 1943 front.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; Agios Minas brotherhood of Eleuthero, city of Konitsa (sponsor) November 8, 1940-July 26, 1943 (Date of Event) ; August 6, 2002 (Date of Construction)