Konitsa ELAS Monument


Konitsa ELAS Monument


At the top of the pass, a stone-built base faced with a marble dedicatory plaque is topped with a stone-carved relief depicting an andartes-style fighter. The monument is surrounded with a iron fence. The marble plaque lists four deceased ELAS fighters. A Greek flag marks the spot as well.
ΣΤΗ ΜΝΗΜΑ ΤΩΝ ΑΓΩΝΙΣΤΩΝ ΤΟΥ Ε.Λ.Α.Σ. ΠΟΥ ΕΠΕΣΑΝ ΑΠΟ ΤΑ ΒΟΛΙΑ ΤΩΝ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΩΝ ΝΑΖΙ ΣΤΙΣ 26-7-1943. \ΑΡΧΙΜΑΝΤΡΙΤΗΣ ΛΑΜΠΡΟΣ\ ΕΤΩΝ 21 ΚΟΝΙΤΣΑ \ ΓΙΟΥΣΙΟΣ ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ \ ΕΤΩΝ 28 ΚΟΝΙΤΣΑ \ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΟΥ ΠΑΝΤΕΛΗΣ \ ΕΤΩΝ 22 ΚΟΝΙΤΣΑ \ ΜΕΣΣΗΣ ΣΤΕΡΓΙΟΣ \ ΕΤΩΝ 38 ΠΑΔΕΣ ; To the memory of the ELAS fighter who fell from the bullets of the German Nazis on July 26, 1943: Lambros Archimantritis, 21 years of age, Konitsa; Christos Giousios, 28 years of age, Konitsa; Pantelis Evangelou, 22 years of age, Konitsa; Stergios Messis, 38 years of age, Pades.


unknown (sculptor) ; Konitsa branch of Π.Ε.Α.Ε.Α. (sponsor)


July 7, 1943 (Date of Event); July 26, 2003 (Date of Construction)


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stone (rock); marble (rock)
outdoor sculpture




Kónitsa, Ioánnina, Epirus, Greece


unknown (sculptor) ; Konitsa branch of Π.Ε.Α.Ε.Α. (sponsor), “Konitsa ELAS Monument,” Hollins University Library Digital Exhibits, accessed August 19, 2022, http://digitalexhibits.hollins.edu/items/show/27.

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