Mosaic of Zeus and Ganymede


Mosaic of Zeus and Ganymede


This is a Roman floor mosaic made out of glass and stone tesserae. This mosaic depicts Ganymede offering a drink to Zeus disguised as an eagle. Below Ganymede is the inscription “ΝΕΙΚΙΑCΕΨΗΦΟΘΕΤΗCΕΝ” that is the signature of the artist. At the end of the signature, there is a small a decorative leaf in the same color. There are two borders in this mosaic. The inner border is a decorative swirling floral pattern with different colorful birds interspersed among the swirls. The outer border is a simple white and red wave pattern. Ganymede is sitting on a stone while wearing an orange-red toga draped over his left shoulder. He also has on a blue Phrygian cap and boots. Zeus is disguised as a golden eagle with his talons reaching out towards the drink Ganymede is offering.
ΝΕΙΚΙΑCΕΨΗΦΟΘΕΤΗCΕΝ (on the stone) Νείκιας ’εψηφοθέτησεν (transcribed Greek) Neikias made a mosaic (translation)




2nd century CE


Amelia Verkerk; Christina Salowey (photograph)


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tesserae (mosaic components)
inscriptions; mosaic (process)


Ancient Greek


Mosaic of Zeus and Ganymede


Antioch, Hatay Ili, Akdeniz kıyısı, Turkey
New York, New York, United States


Neikias , “Mosaic of Zeus and Ganymede,” Hollins University Library Digital Exhibits, accessed October 22, 2019,

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