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Pindus Woman Front.JPG

G. Kalakallas (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) 1940 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Andartes Monument Bourazani Road Front.JPG

The Konitsa branch of the Π Ε Α Ε Α; brotherhoods, associations, and residents of the region. sponsor 1943 CE- (Date of Event); 1988 CE- (Date of Construction)
Eleuthero Monument 1943 front.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; Agios Minas brotherhood of Eleuthero, city of Konitsa (sponsor) November 8, 1940-July 26, 1943 (Date of Event) ; August 6, 2002 (Date of Construction)
Ano Ravenia  Fallen Front.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) 1940-1949 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Grambala Hill front.JPG

November 1, 1940 (Date of Event); unknown (Date of Construction)
Heroon 1940 Konitsa Front Gate.jpg

1940 (Date of Event); unknown (Date of Construction)
Ioannina Holocaust Memorial Front.JPG

Giorgos Chouliaras (sculptor) ; The city of Ioaninna (sponsor) March 25, 1944 (Date of Event) ; 1944 (Date of Construction)
Kalpaki Strategion Cave Sign.JPG

unknown sculptor|Greek Army sponsor 1940--1941 (Date of Event)
Kalpaki Metaxas Papagos Georgios Papagos.JPG

Lazaros Lamera (sculptor) ; Contributions of the Army's Officers and Soldiers (sponsor) 1940 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Kephalovryso Monument MS.JPG

unknown sculptor|Mayor's office of Kephalovryso sponsor unknown (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Kalpaki Fritzis Front.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; The War Museum (sponsor) December 5, 1944 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Konitsa Military Mausoleum Altar.JPG

unknown sculptor|Greek Army sponsor 1940-1941, 1946-1949 (Date of Event) ; unkonwn (date of construction)
Konitsa Pass Monument Front.JPG

Konstantinos D. Raptis architect|Dr. Konstantinos G. Stasinopoulos, distinguished member of the Lesche of L.O.K. sponsor
Konitsa ELAS Monument Front.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; Konitsa branch of Π.Ε.Α.Ε.Α. (sponsor) July 7, 1943 (Date of Event); July 26, 2003 (Date of Construction)
Moni Sossinou Monument View.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; Moni Sosinou (sponsor) October 30, 1940 (Date of Event) ; unknown (date of construction)
Ligiades Martyr Monument Front.JPG

Leontis Eustathios of Patras (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) October 3, 1943 (Date of Event) ; 2001 (Date of Construction)
Ligopsa Monument LS.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) 1908-1955 (Date of Event) ; unknown (Date of Construction)
Xani Delvinakiou  Inscription.jpeg

unknown (sculptor) ; City of Delvinakios (sponsor) May 9, 1945 (Date of Event) ; October 29, 1990 and May 9, 2005 (Date of Construction)
Soldier of 1940 Front.JPG

Lazaros Lamera (sculptor) ; Donations from the officers and enlisted men of the armed forces (sponsor) October 28, 1940 (Date of Event) ; September 1966 (Date of Construction)
Vigla Cemetery Entrance.JPG

unknown (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor) November 14, 1940 (Date of Event) ; June 2008 (Date of Construction)
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