Moni Sossinou Monument


Moni Sossinou Monument


The monument is placed at the top of Sosinos Hill, which is the site of Moni Sosinou and commands a spectacular view over the Kalamas River valley, the site of the early battles of the Italo-Elleniko War in 1940-41. The truncated pyramid is topped with a bronze cross and bears a bronze commemorative plaque. The monument stands at the western end of a stone-built plaza with incorporated benches, trees for shade, and stairs to a semi-circular overlook point. The monument is the site of yearly wreath commemorations.
ΑΠΟ ΤΗΝ Ι[ΕΡΑ] ΜΟΝΗ ΣΟΣΙΝΟΥ\ ΔΟΘΗΚΑΝ ΟΙ ΣΥΝΤΕΤΑΓΜΕΝΕΣ\ ΚΑΙ ΗΛΘΕ Η ΠΡΩΤΗ ΝΙΚΗ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ\ ΣΤΙΣ 30-10-1940\ΠΟΛΕΜΙΣΤΕΣ\ ΕΥΡΥΣΘΕΝΗΣ ΣΤΕΦ. ΤΖΙΑΛΛΑΣ\ΕΦΕΔΡΟΣ ΥΠΟΛΟΧΑΓΟΣ\ΧΡΗΣΤΑΚΗΣ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ\ ΛΟΧΙΑΣ\ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤΕΣ\ ΚΑΤΣΑΝΟΣ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ\ ΣΕΡΡΑΣ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΟΣ\ ΣΙΑΦΑΚΑΣ ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΣ\ ΜΠΟΥΤΣΟΥΡΗΣ ΕΥΣΤΑΘΙΟΣ\ΓΙΑΝΝΟΣ ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ\ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ; From the holy Monastery of Sosinos. The coordinates had been given and the first victory of Greece on October 30, 1940. Warriors: Eurysthenes Stephanos Tziallas, reserve Lieutenant; Nikolaos Christakis, Sergeant; Soldiers; Evangelos Katsanos, Apostolos Serras, Charlambos Siafakas, Eustathios Boutsouris, Stauros Giannos, Christos Nikolaou.


unknown (sculptor) ; Moni Sosinou (sponsor)


October 30, 1940 (Date of Event) ; unknown (date of construction)


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stone (rock); bronze (metal)




Moni Sossinou


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unknown (sculptor) ; Moni Sosinou (sponsor), “Moni Sossinou Monument,” Hollins University Library Digital Exhibits, accessed May 29, 2024,

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