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WWII Monuments in Epirus, Greece

These images and text document the many and varied World War II monuments scattered across the rugged landscape of Epirus, in northwestern Greece. They also provide evidence for the strong culture of ongoing World War II commemoration in the region. What the monuments commemorate ranges from the Hellenic Army's victory over Mussolini's forces in 1940 through the role of Greek women in the war, to the victims of Nazi atrocities, and even a Communist dominated resistance organization. The collection is part of a larger project that includes scholarship on some of the memorials, and interactive mapping of all of them which will enable users to geographically locate each one, learn its historical context, and contribute to discussion about it.

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Greek in the Wild: Inscriptions Explained

This exhibit seeks to foster a deeper understanding of Ancient Greek using real Greek inscriptions, and was created by and for students of Ancient Greek. The exhibit contains images of a number of inscriptions, commentary and translations of the inscriptions, and a timeline and map placing them in context.

Some of the inscription types within this exhibit include boundary inscriptions, grave inscriptions, building inscriptions, votive inscriptions, vase inscriptions, and mosaics. From Linear B to modern inscriptions, the exhibit also provides a range of inscriptions over time. While encountering real texts may seem daunting, the goal of this exhibit is to provide a resource for students to work with actual texts as they appear in order to encounter Greek outside of a textbook—and in the wild.