Xani Delvinakiou


Xani Delvinakiou


A raised plaza across the road from the entrance to the village of Delvinakios, in an area called Hani Delvinakiou (or Inn of Delvinakiou) is the area for a major war memorial. The three-side pillar was erected in 2005 replacing an earlier memorial from 1990. The pillar has a dedicatory inscription on one side and a bronze relief plaque on each side. The bronze relief plaques depict ordinary villagers in positions of torment and mourning and a representative sample of villagers (a soldier, priest, resistance fighter, women and man). In the same plain as the monument are military relics, like an airplane from the 1940s. The monument is the site of one of three military sponsored commemorative events on ΟΧΙ day.
Η ΕΠΙΓΡΑΦΗ\ ΠΡΟΥΠΗΡΧΕ ΕΔΩ\ 23 ΟΚΤΟΒΡΙΟΥ 1940\ 28 ΟΚΤΟΒΡΙΟΥ 1990\ 50\ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ\ ΑΠΟ ΤΟΝ ΑΓΩΝΑ\ ΤΟΥ ΕΘΝΟΥΣ ΣΤΟΝ ΠΡΟΜΑΧΩΝΑ ΤΟΥ ΠΟΓΟΝΙΟΥ ; This inscription existed here before. \ 28 October 1940 \ 28 October 1990\ 50 \ years\ from the struggle\of the nation in the bastion of Pogonios.; Ο ΔΗΜΟΣ ΔΕΛΒΙΝΑΚΙΟΥ\ ΣΤΗ ΜΝΗΜΗ\ ΤΩΝ ΠΕΣΟΝΤΩΝ ΠΑΤΡΙΩΤΩΝ\ ΣΤΟ Β' ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΟ ΠΟΛΕΜΟ\ (ΙΤΑΛΙΚΗ ΕΙΣΒΟΛΗ ΚΑΤΟΧΗ\ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΗ ΚΑΤΟΧΗ\ΚΑΙ ΤΗΝ ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΗ)\ 9 ΜΑΙΟΥ 1945-2005 ; The city of Delvinakios in memory of those fallen patriots in the 2nd World War (the Italian attack occupation and German occupation and the National Resistance). 9 May 1945-2005.


unknown (sculptor) ; City of Delvinakios (sponsor)


May 9, 1945 (Date of Event) ; October 29, 1990 and May 9, 2005 (Date of Construction)


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stone (rock); bronze (metal)
casts (sculpture); stone-built




Xani Delvinakiou


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unknown (sculptor) ; City of Delvinakios (sponsor), “Xani Delvinakiou,” Hollins University Library Digital Exhibits, accessed April 19, 2024, https://digitalexhibits.hollins.edu/items/show/31.

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