Vigla Cemetery


Vigla Cemetery


This enclosed cemetery is approached by a staircase and pavement, which is the approach to 43 adjacent tombs. The pavement has a mosaic of the word ΟΧΙ, "no" arranged in the middle of it. Each tomb has a cross laid on it and is marked by a second cross that either has the name of the deceased or the word, ΑΓΝΩΣΤΟΣ, "unknown" on it. All 43 names of the deceased, 18 of which are Etoloakarnanians, or regional dwellers, are inscribed on three plaques behind the row of tombs, but presumably not every name could be matched to a set of bones. The three plaques bearing the names of the deceased front a base on which is a monument cross. At the base of this cross there is a plaque commemorating the battle and its date. There are decaying memorial wreaths at the base of the cross and votive candle, which are still lit. A Greek flag stands to the left of the cross. The entire cemetery is enclosed by a low stone-built wall and a wrought iron fence with small cross painted white at the top of each palisade. There is a large parking lot and a magnificent view of the Pindus mountains at the spot.
ΣΕ ΜΝΗΜΗ\ 43 ΑΞΚΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΕΘΖΩΝΩΝ\ ΠΕΣΟΝΤΩΝ ΗΡΩΙΚΩΣ ΚΑΤΑ\ ΤΙΣ ΜΑΧΕΣ ΠΕΡΙΟΧΗΣ\ ΒΙΓΛΑΣ (14-17 ΝΟΕ 1940) \ ΕΝΑΝΤΙΟΝ ΤΩΝ ΙΤΑΛΙΚΩΝ\ ΔΥΝΑΜΕΩΝ ΕΙΣΒΟΛΗΣ ΕΚ ΤΩΝ\ ΟΠΟΙΩΝ 18 ΑΙΤΩΛΟΑΚΑΡΝΑΝΕΣ\ ΕΝΤΑΦΙΑΣΤΗΚΑΝ ΕΝΤΑΥΘΑ\ ΙΟΥΝ. 2008 ; In memory of 43 officers and soliders who fell bravely in the battle of the region of Viglas (14 - 17 November 1940) against the invasion of Italian forces out of which 18 Etoloakarnanians are buried in this place. June 2008.; ΠΕΣΟΝΤΕΣ\ 2/39 ΣΥΤΑΓΜΑΤΟΣ ΕΥΖΩΝΩΝ\ (14-17 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 1940)\ ΑΞΚΟΙ\ ΥΠΑΓΟΣ ΧΟΡΜΟΒΑΣ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ\ΑΝΘΑΓΟΣ ΝΙΚΑΣ ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΟΣ\ ΕΦ. ΑΝΘΑΓΟΣ ΤΣΙΦΚΑΣ ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ\'' ΜΠΟΥΡΤΣΑΛΑΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ\ '' ΣΤΕΡΠΑΚΗΣ ΕΥΘΥΜΙΟΣ\ ΟΠΛΙΤΕΣ\ ΕΦ. ΛΧΙΑΣ ΚΑΛΥΒΑΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΣ\ '' ΠΑΠΑΣΠΥΡΟΥ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ\ ΕΦ. ΔΝΕΑΣ ΠΑΠΑΝΤΩΝΗΣ ΧΑΡΙΛ\ '' ΑΣΗΜΑΚΗΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ\ ΣΤΡΤΗΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ΧΑΡΙΛ\ '' ΓΩΓΑΚΗΣ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΟΣ\ '' ΚΟΥΚΑΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ\ '' ΛΑΚΚΗΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ\ ΣΤΡΤΗΣ ΚΑΛΟΓΕΡΑΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ\'' ΞΗΡΟΣ ΦΩΤΙΟΣ\ '' ΛΑΜΠΟΣ ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΣ\ '' ΠΑΠΑΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ ΚΩΝ/ΝΟΣ\ '' ΜΠΛΑΝΗΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΣ \'' ΤΣΟΛΚΑΣ ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ\ '' ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ΣΠΥΡ. \'' ΓΚΡΙΖΗΣ ΚΩΝ/ΝΟΣ\ '' ΤΑΛΑΓΑΝΗΣ ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΣ\ '' ΧΑΣΑΝΗΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ\ ΕΞΑΦΑΝΙΣΘΕΝΤΕΣ\ ΥΔΝΕΑΣ ΠΑΠΑΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΛ\ ΣΤΡΤΗΣ ΚΑΡΑΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΝΙΚΟΛ.\ '' ΚΑΛΙΑΚΜΑΝΗΣ Η' \ ΚΑΛΑΥΜΑΝΗΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ\ '' ΧΑΣΑΠΗΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ\ ΣΤΡΤΗΣ ΜΕΡΜΙΓΓΗΣ ΗΛΙΑΣ\ '' ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ΚΩΝ/ΝΟΣ\ ''ΒΕΛΕΤΖΑΣ ΚΩΝ/ΝΟΣ\ '' ΔΗΜΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ΠΕΤΡΟΣ\ '' ΚΟΛΩΝΙΑΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ\ '' ΠΑΠΑΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ\ '' ΠΑΞΗΜΑΔΕΛΟΣ ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΣ\ ''ΣΤΡΑΒΟΔΗΜΟΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝ\ '' ΣΤΡΑΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ΣΠΥΡΙΔ\ '' ΠΡΟΒΙΔΑΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ\'' ΠΟΛΥΖΟΣ ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ\'' ΠΕΙΝΑΣΜΕΝΟΣ ΕΥΘΥΜΙΟΣ\ '' ΚΑΛΤΣΑΣ ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΣ\ '' ΚΑΡΑΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ\ ΑΡΙΣΤΟΜΕΝΗΣ Η' ΑΡΙΣΤΕΙΔΗΣ\ '' ΖΑΚΑΣ ΣΩΤΗΡΙΟΣ\ '' ΠΑΠΑΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡ. ; Those who fell\ of the 2/39 Regiment of Soldier\on November 14-17, 1940\ Officers\ Lieutenant Nikolaos Chormovas\ 2nd lieutenant Benizelos Nikas\ Reserve 2nd Lieutenant Andreas Tsifkas\ '' Dimitrios Bourtsalas\'' Euthymios Sterpakis\ Soldiers\ Reserve Sergeant Vasileios Kalyvas\ '' Dimitrios Papaspyros\ '' Reserve [ ] Charil Papantonis\ '' Alexandros Asimakis\ Soldier Charil Georgopoulos\ '' Apostolos Gogakis\'' Dimitrios Koukas\'' Ioannis Lakkis\ Soldier Dimitrios Kalogeras\ '' Fotis Xiros\ ''Athanasios Lampos\ '' Konstantinos Papanikolaou\ '' Vasileios Blanis\ ''Christos Tsolkas\ '' Spyros Apostolopoulos\ '' Konstantinos Grizis\ '' Athanasios Talaganis\ '' Dimitrios Chasanis\ The Missing\ [ ] Nikolaos Papaioannou\ Soldier Nikolaos Karagiannis \ Kaliakmanis E\ Ioannis Kalaumanis\ '' Ioannis Chasapis\ Soldier Elias Mermiggis\ '' Konstantinos Basilopoulos\ '' Konstantinos Veletzas\ '' Petros Dimopoulos\ '' Georgios Kolonias\ ''Nikolaos Papaioannou\ '' Kyriakos Paximadelos\ '' Alexandros Stravodimos\ '' Spyridon Stratopoulos\ Georgios Providas\ '' Christos Polyzos.


unknown (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor)


November 14, 1940 (Date of Event) ; June 2008 (Date of Construction)


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marble (rock)




Vígla, Árta, Epirus, Greece


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unknown (sculptor) ; unknown (sponsor), “Vigla Cemetery,” Hollins University Library Digital Exhibits, accessed April 21, 2024,

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