Xani Kallitheas


Xani Kallitheas


At the intersection of the main Kalpaki road and a dirt farm road stands a memorial to a particular incursion against the Nazi force. The memorial is marked by low metal posts, painted white joined by a chain, and two cedar trees, the usual memorial tree for a cemetery. The monument is a simple trapezoidal form faced with marble and topped with the representation of a window bars that have been broken through. A plaque on the southeastern side records the circumstances of the battle and the single casualty, Lazos Oikonomou from Pyrgos, Konitsa. Many weathered laurel wreaths are at the base of the inscription. A poem, laminated and set on a wooden plaque, was added to the monument on February 2, 1985. The poem recounts the victory but also the death of Lazos Oikonomou.
ΕΔΩ ΣΤΟ ΟΧΥΡΩΜΕΝΟ ΑΠΟ ΤΟΥΣ ΝΑΖΗΔΕΣ ΚΑΤΑΚΤΗΤΕΣ ΧΑΝΙ ΚΑΛΛΙΘΕΑΣ ΣΤΙΣ 7-9-44 ΤΜΗΜΑ ΤΟΥ 85 ΣΥΝ-ΤΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΕΛΑΣ ΕΞΟΥΔΕΤΕΡΩΣΕ ΜΕ ΤΕΧΝΑΣΜΑ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΛΙΚΑΡΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΧΘΡΙΚΗ ΦΡΟΥΡΑ ΕΠΕΣΕ ΗΡΩΙΚΑ Ο ΛΑΖΟΣ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΟΥ ΑΠΟ ΤΟΝ ΠΥΡΓΟ ΚΟΝΙΤΣΑΣ ; Here in the "Hani of Kallithea" fortified by the Nazi conquerors, on September 9, 1944, a division of the 85th battalion of ELAS with trickery and brave lads neutralized the enemy guard. Lazos Oikonomou from Pyrgos, Konitsas fell.; Οι Διγενήδες /Ταχιά, ταχιά ξεκίνησαν οι δέκα/και μ’ άρματα χτυπάνε τους ναζήδες./Σαν το δρολάπι ορμάνε, σα θεριά, /σε μαρμαρένι’ αλώνια Διγενήδες./Κι είναι τι μάχη φοβερή! Ο εχθρός, /μπρος στην ορμή λυγίζει συντριμμένος, / Μια ακόμα νίκη μα και θλίψη, όντας/γέρνει νέκρος ο πιο αντρειωμένος. /Λάφυρα και νεκρό στους ώμους θέτουν/και στα βουνά γυρίζουν νικητήδες/με λύπης κλάμα και χαράς τραγούδι, /της λευτεριάς αντάρτες Διγενήδες. /Σ.Τ. 4.2.85 ; The Digenides/Quickly, quickly, they set off the ten men/and with tanks, they beat back the Nazis./Like a rushing hurricane, like wild animals,/into the marble threshing floors, the Digenides./And what a fearsome battle! The enemy,/Crashing in front of such vehemence, buckles,/one victory but also grief, being/the bravest, the dead man grows old./They place booty and the dead on their shoulder/and they return to the mountains, victors,/with tears of grief and a song of joy,/the Digenides, the andartes of freedom.


September 7, 1944 (Date of Event) ; September 9, 1985 (Date of Construction)


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marble (rock)
outdoor sculpture




Xani Kallitheas


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