Andartes Monument Bourazani Road


Andartes Monument Bourazani Road


A truncated triangular concrete monument topped by a bronze statue of two falling bombs, and faced with a bronze relief and marble inscription. The bronze relief depicts a bearded man, armed with a pistol, rifle and bandolier of bullets. The man wears a beret and strides broadly to the left in left profile. The marble inscription specifies the battle, lists the deceased, some of whom are also mentioned on the Ano Ravenia fallen monument, and credits the sponsors of the monument. The monument is set on a pavement with the names of three regions set into it with bronze lettering: Konitas, Pogoni, Zagori. The whole monument is fenced with cast iron fencing and 4 cedars grow in or near the enclosure. The monument is easily visible from the road.
ΕΔΩ ΕΠΕΣΑΝ ΣΕ ΜΑΧΗ ΜΕ ΤΟΥΣ ΙΤΑΛΟΥΣ ΦΑΣΙΣΤΕΣ ΣΤΙΣ 15-4-43 ΟΙ ΑΝΤΑΡΤΕΣ ΤΟΥ ΕΛΑΣ ΚΩΝ. Δ. ΒΛΑΧΟΣ, ΑΠΟ Κ. ΜΕΡΟΠΗ, ΕΤΩΝ 27\ΚΩΝ. Γ. ΚΑΣΟΥΛΑΣ, ΑΠΟ ΔΟΛΙΑΝΑ, ΕΤΩΝ 22\ΖΑΧ. Μ. ΠΑΝΑΓΙΟΣ, ΑΠΟ ΠΥΡΣΟΓΙΑΝΝΗ, ΕΤΩΝ 29\ΓΕΩΡ. Χ. ΠΑΠΑΖΩΗΣ, ΑΠΟ Α. ; The andartes of ELAS fell here in a battle with the Italian fascists on April 15, 1943: Konstantinos D. Blachos, from Kata Meropi, 27 years old\ Konstantinos G. Kasoulas, from Doliana, 22 years old\ Zacharias M. Panagios, from Pyrsogianni, 29 years old\ Georgios Ch. Papazoes, from Ano Ravenia, 29 years old\ Thrasyboulos A. Papazoes, from Ano Ravenia, 22 years old\ Sokrates Th. Samaras, from Ano Ravenia, 34 years old\ Christos T. Stephanatos, from Basiliko, 20 years old\ Kleomenes Ph. Tzimopoulos, from Kipous, 26 years old.; ΤΟ ΜΝΗΜΕΙΟ ΕΓΙΝΕ ΜΕ ΤΗ ΦΡΟΝΤΙΔΑ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΡ. Π Ε Α Ε Α ΚΟΝΙΤΣΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΤΗΝ ΟΙΚΟΝ. ΣΥΝΔΡΟΜΗ ΑΔΕΛΦ-ΤΩΝ, ΣΥΛΛΟΓΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΤΟΙΚΩΝ ΤΗΣ ΠΕΡΙΟΧΗΣ. ΑΥΓΟΥΣΤΟΣ 1988. ; This monument came to be with the care of Π Ε Α Ε Α of Konitsa and the funding of brotherhoods, associations, and inhabitants of the region. August 1988.


The Konitsa branch of the Π Ε Α Ε Α; brotherhoods, associations, and residents of the region. sponsor


1943 CE- (Date of Event); 1988 CE- (Date of Construction)


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marble (rock); bronze (metal); concrete
engraving (action); casts (sculpture); mosaic (process)




Skopiá (inhabited place)


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The Konitsa branch of the Π Ε Α Ε Α; brotherhoods, associations, and residents of the region. sponsor, “Andartes Monument Bourazani Road,” Hollins University Library Digital Exhibits, accessed July 13, 2024,

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