Eleuthero Monument 1943


Eleuthero Monument 1943


A stone-built stele with an inset marble plaque, set on a stepped platform. The monument is situated on a ridge approached by a rustic staircase. Its position commands a view of the Pindus mountains and upland valley in which the village of Eleuthero is located. There is a storyboard for the incident marking the steps up to the monument. The monument is a concrete. stone-faced platform with a horizontal cross shaped from concrete on which this is a hand-written inscription commemorating the death of an ephebe, 14 years old on November 10, 1940. On the platform the marble plaque on the stone-faced stele bears the names of villagers fallen in two different battles: November 8, 1940 and July 26, 1943.
ΜΝΗΜΕΙΟ ΠΕΣΟΝΤΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΕΚΤΕΛΕΣΘΕΝΤΩΝ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΝ ΙΤΑΛΟΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΗ ΕΙΣΒΟΛΗ ΣΤΟ ΧΩΡΙΟ ΜΑΣ.\8-11-1940. ΑΝΘΛΓΟΣ: ΠΑΥΛΟΣ ΠΑΥΛΙΔΗΣ/ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ: ΔΑΛΛΑΣ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ.\26-7-1943\ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ:ΓΙΩΤΟΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ\": ΜΠΟΓΔΟΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΣ\":ΜΠΟΓΔΟΥ ΜΑΡΙΑ\ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΟΥ ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΣ\":ΠΛΑΤΗΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ\": ΠΛΑΤΗΣ ΗΛΙΑΣ ; Memorial of the ones fallen and executed in the ItaloGermanic assault on our village, November 8, 1940: second lieutenant Paulos Paulidis, citizen Nikolaos Dallas; July 26, 1943: citizen Ioannis Giotos, citizen Basileios Bogdos, citizen Maria Bogdos-Oikonomou Charalambos, citizen Demetrios Plates and Ilias Plates.


unknown (sculptor) ; Agios Minas brotherhood of Eleuthero, city of Konitsa (sponsor)


November 8, 1940-July 26, 1943 (Date of Event) ; August 6, 2002 (Date of Construction)


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stone (rock)
engraving (action)






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unknown (sculptor) ; Agios Minas brotherhood of Eleuthero, city of Konitsa (sponsor), “Eleuthero Monument 1943,” Hollins University Library Digital Exhibits, accessed April 12, 2024, https://digitalexhibits.hollins.edu/items/show/16.

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