Grambala Hill


Grambala Hill


This conical memorial, roughly 15 feet in height, surrounded by a circular paved area and risers forming a theatral area, is positioned at a hairpin turn in the road up to the Papingo villages. The stone-built truncated conical monument is topped with three crossed arrows and is inset with a bronze memorial plaque. The monument is set within a stone enclosure topped by a metal balustrade. The metal gate is flanked by marble plaques recording the names of the deceased. The plaque on the right is broken in four pieces, one of which is missing. The same names as recorded on the bronze plaque are listed on these. There are remains of memorial wreaths and shabbat candles on site.
ΠΕΣΟΝΤΕΣ \ΣΤΗΝ ΓΚΡΑΜΒΑΛΑ\ΑΝΘΥΠΟΛΟΧΑΓΟΣ\ΧΑΤΖΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ΝΙΚ\ΛΟΧΙΑΣ\ΜΑΓΚΙΝΑΣ ΚΩΝ\ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤΕΣ\ΒΙΤΣΙΚΑΣ ΕΥΑΓ\ΔΗΜΟΥ ΚΩΝ\ΖΩΗΣ ΚΩΝ\ΚΑΡΑΛΗΣ ΙΩΑΝ\ΚΑΡΑΜΙΧΑΣ ΓΕΩΡ\ΚΑΨΑΛΗΣ ΙΩΑΝ\ΜΠΑΛΤΖΩΗΣ ΧΡΗΣ\ΜΠΟΥΜΠΑΣ ΒΑΣ\ ΝΑΤΣΗΣ ΛΕΩΝ\ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ Γ ΝΙΚ\ ΠΑΝΤΑΖΗΣ ΠΑΥΛ\ΠΕΤΡΟΥ ΣΤΕΡ\ΡΙΖΟΣ ΒΑΣ\ΤΣΙΜΑΣ ΕΥΑΓ\ΧΑΛΒΑΤΖΗΣ ΒΑΣ\ΧΑΡΙΣΗΣ ΙΩΑΝ\ ΧΑΧΑΛ ΡΑΦΑΗΛ ; Those men fallen at Grambala: Second lieutenant, Nikolaos Chatzopoulos; Sergeant, Konstantinos Manginas. Soldiers: Evangelos Vitsikas; Konstantinos Demou; Konstantinos Zois; Ioannis Karalis; Georgios Karamichas; Ioannis Kapsalis; Christos Baltzois; Vasileios Boubas; Leon Natsis; Nikolaos G. Nikolaou; Paulos Pantalis; Stergios Petrou; Vasileios Rhizos; Evangelos Tsimas; Vasileios Chalbatzis; Ioannis Charisis; Raphael Chachal.


November 1, 1940 (Date of Event); unknown (Date of Construction)


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bronze (metal); stone (rock)




(Grambala Hill)


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