Heroon 1940 Konitsa


Heroon 1940 Konitsa


At the top of the pass heading into the Pindus Mountains going north from Konitsa, an enclosure with a cenotaph of the men fallen in 1940 is marked by a toppled metal sign stating Heroon 1940. The cenotaph is approach through an arched gateway. There is a votive niche to the left of this gateway. A series of stone-built steps leads to the top of a mound. The flattened mound is approached through another gateway and is crowned by a rectangular cenotaph outlined with marble slabs. The cenotaph bears a set-in marble cross, and is topped with a marble marker, also carrying a cross. Memorial laurel wreaths remain. The memorial overlooks the Aoos River Valley.
ΚΕΝΟΤΑΦΕΙΟ\ΠΕΣΟΝΤΩΝ\1940 ; Cenotaph of the men having fallen in 1940.


1940 (Date of Event); unknown (Date of Construction)


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marble (rock)




Kónitsa, Ioánnina, Epirus, Greece


Heroon 1940 Konitsa Front Gate.jpg
Heroon 1940 Konitsa Grave Front.JPG
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Heroon 1940 Konitsa Inner Gate.jpg
Heroon 1940 Konitsa Inscription.JPG
Heroon 1940 Konitsa LS.JPG
Heroon 1940 Konitsa Marker.JPG
Heroon 1940 Konitsa Panorama.jpeg
Heroon 1940 Konitsa Road Sign.JPG
Heroon 1940 Konitsa Votive.JPG


“Heroon 1940 Konitsa,” Hollins University Library Digital Exhibits, accessed July 13, 2024, https://digitalexhibits.hollins.edu/items/show/19.

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